Do you have a drinking problem? Identify symptoms and take treatment tips from Mr. SafeHandZ’ podcast.

Mr. SafeHandZ talks about a few fundamentals of alcohol addiction in the following podcast.

“According to NIAAA (National Institute of Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse), people that drink frequently, tend to accelerate their tolerance for alcohol over a period of time, resulting in consuming more in shorter time frames to reach the same level of euphoria they experienced initially. This eventually leads them into an addictive cycle that becomes very difficult to break away from. Christopher Hitchens, a journalist once observed that to recognize someone who exhibits the trait of an alcoholic, is to notice the way they start to make rules to control their own drinking habits.” 

Mr. SafeHandZ explains this further by giving a few simple examples of this behavioral  pattern. He says, “What you need to realize is that, when one tries to confront the issue of excessive drinking by creating boundaries for oneself, they only lead to occasional slip ups and disappointment. To convince oneself to have just one drink as a mark of celebration after a success, to have a drink or two before a social gathering to help you converse with ease, or something as simple as to not have a drink on certain days of the week, isn’t enough to tackle the problem of alcoholism.”

If any of the above mentioned scenarios seem relatively familiar, Mr. SafeHandZ suggests a few solutions to get you back on the right path.

1. You can take a quick self assessment test on the Safe House Wellness Retreat website to establish whether or not you have an existing alcohol problem in the first place. After the evaluation if required you have the option of speaking and getting guidance from experienced counselors , therapists and  psychologists in the rehabilitation centre through a video conferencing session that does not require you to step out of your comfort zone, and making it easier for you to seek professional guidance. This method of interaction by Safe House Wellness Retreat has been specially designed for people who do not necessarily need a residential program.

2. You can also consider undergoing their Intensive Outpatient Program (I.O.P.) that has been specially created to provide you with the advantage of personally interacting with professionals from at the Safe House Wellness Retreat facility. You can choose the time frame of each session before you visit the rehabilitation centre. These sessions could be for one hour or prolonged sessions over a few months that a lot of Safe House Wellness patients choose to attend, in order to stay clean.

3. And lastly one of the most important aspects of tackling addiction is to be equip with all the essential tools, to help a loved one accept their addiction and agree to get help to stay clean. For successful therapy education and awareness are key factors that bring addiction to the fore front and your understanding and training about the safe house family counseling and intervention program, will enable you to help your loved one and many more to successfully move forward.


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