Mark Wahlberg – Actor (Recovering Addict/Alcoholic)

Mark Wahlberg

By the time Mark turned 13, he had developed a serious drug problem. Addicted to cocaine among other illicit substances, he quickly dropped out of school and joined a gang. Driven in large part by his drug dependency, he began getting into trouble with the law. He had more than 20 run-ins with police during his tumultuous teenage years. After withdrawing from cocaine in a prison rehabilitation centre, he reentered the music business as the front man for the hip-hop oriented group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. His debut album became an outstanding success.

Mark Wahlberg would go on to even greater achievements as a Hollywood actor. The final steps in Mark Wahlberg’s journey to sobriety were taken only recently. Spurred on by his love of his family, Wahlberg officially quit using tobacco, marijuana and alcohol at age of 40. In particular, the actor names his young daughter as his inspiration for giving up pot.





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