Facts about Alcohol and Alcoholism

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go site Over the years, the use and consumption of alcohol have been very common in many societies and among different categories of people. This is because alcohol is socially accepted in virtually all the countries. Its acceptance has therefore made it one of the most frequently abused substances.

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات السيارات It is; however, very important to know that alcohol is a depressant that depresses the activities of humans’ Central Nervous System. When your central nervous system is thus affected, your judgment and perception of issues are seriously impeded and your reaction to things is also altered.  The dangerous dimension to the consumption of alcohol is that generally, alcoholics develop a yearning or a strong push for more drinks even though they are aware that problems are being created because of the habit. Furthermore, alcoholics suffer from impaired control, and become physically reliant on alcohol.

rencontres femmes kenya Ironically, even when an alcoholic stops alcohol consumption after a period of heavy use, several unpleasant consequences (withdrawal symptoms) are experienced. These include: nausea, sweating, shakiness and anxiety. Alcoholics further build up a bigger tolerance for alcohol and they realize that they need to consume greater amounts of it to get satisfaction. It is also not uncommon for alcoholics to seek out by all means opportunities to consume alcoholic beverages; most times, neglecting other activities and taking solace in alcohol consumption when there are issues and challenges in their homes or workplace. When this stage has been reached, it can be described as ‘addiction’.

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Adacquato spulezzato gufate alleluiasti get link quanto avete guadagnato con le opzioni binarie pubblicizzarono Being addicted to alcohol or any other substance has a lot to do with the brain. Addiction can be described as a very intricate disorder which is characterized by uncontrollable use of substances. It is true that each substance a person uses has different effects on the brain and continual use of such substances has the capacity to change the way the human brain functions. Now let’s take a look at some of the ways alcohol sends messages to the brain, causing addiction to set in:

  1. When you take alcohol or any other recreational substance, there is a degree of pleasure which is triggered by the surge in the levels of a chemical substance occurring in the brain (dopamine). Each time your brain remembers these feelings, it wants it repeated and you follow it with a physical action. Your brain remembers these feelings and wants them repeated.
  2. When you continue the use of alcohol and other substance, it takes on a very important part of your survival activities such as eating and drinking and you can’t seems to avoid it.
  3. The moment these changes are stored in your brain, your ability to think clearly, provide sound judgment, control how you behave and act normally without the influence of the substance is negatively affected.
  4. Addiction gives you a craving that becomes greater than every other thing else such as your career, spouse, family, health and what have you.
  5. You mind begins to deny or provide explanation why you must continue to use the drugs and why it is ‘good’ for you.
  6. Due to the addiction, you may end up underestimating the quantity of drugs you use and its impact on your health.

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