Before you register in that de-addiction centre…

• Establish the kind of treatment you need beforehand
This seems to be the foundational issue to consider before you approach any centre for help. This makes sense when you consider the fact that what you need may not be present in a particular centre. Therefore, when you confirm what degree or type of treatment you need, it will help narrow down your search. Ascertaining the kind of treatment you need should be easy if you will get an objective appraisal from a body or individual who do not know about the de-addiction centre you want to enrol in.
• Find out the qualifications of the centre staff
‘You can’t give what you don’t have’ seems to be very true and relevant about de-addiction centres and you need to find out what qualifications members of staff of a particular centre have. When you have an idea of their qualifications, it will surely help you determine whether or not the selected location can provide the services or treatments you need. A quick check on the website of the place should reveal the qualifications of its staff and you may want to choose centres that have specialists in the very areas of your need.
• Arrange to Meet Specialists in the centre
Most de-addiction centres allow you to have a one-on-one chat with their specialist before you enrol. This is to your advantage because it will give you the chance to get a good grasp of what strategies the specialist will adopt to treat you. This is necessary because treatment in de-addiction centre ideally should not be generalized. Every patient should be treated in according to what they need. So when you discus with them during the meeting and the details of the treatment are spelt out for you, you can make up your mind if the chosen location will be right for you or not.
• Confirm the Various Types of Treatments Available in the Centre
Consequent upon your meeting with a specialist or the representative of the centre, it is apposite that you ask and confirm the different types of treatments available. Should there be just one type of treatment in that location for every manner of patient, you may choose to opt out because clients are different and their needs differ. On the other hand, you may want to consider the area if it has diverse and modern types of treatment techniques. Having varieties of options gives you more advantages.
• Read Their Success Stories
A centre that claims to have helped addicts get out of addiction should have stories about real people to tell. You should therefore log on to the website of the centre to find out about how many people they have helped and the percentage of the success they have.
• What are the charges involved?
No de-addiction centre is free except they are running on charity. For selected places where you have to pay, you need to know the details of the cost involved. If a centre is trying to make it a secret or known for bringing up certain hidden charges, you may want to re-consider because your knowledge of how much to pay at the beginning is important to know whether or not you can stay in the centre.
• How long does treatment last?
How long you stay determines how much you pay for the services, and most locations will give you a clear picture of what you will be expected to pay for the whole process. You should find out the length or duration of the treatment. When you know this you can determine if you have the time at the moment or you need to reschedule it for some other time.
• Are there people on de-addiction waiting list?
While it is not uncommon for good centres to have a list of people who are waiting to get treated in them, it may not be helpful to have to wait for so long before you are attended to. Therefore, while you make researches about the place you want to choose, please confirm how long their waiting list is, if any). If it is too long to the extent that you cannot be attended to until after months, then you might want to find another alternative so that the addiction does not become complicated.


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